Are you looking for trading capital to increase your gains?

Monetize your trading skills with a funded account that will allow you to trade up to $500,000 USD in FOREX and CFDs and get up to 90% share of gains.

How to get your funded account?

Show off your trading skills! Take a test on an assessment account. Choose between our 1-step or 2-step program. Once you achieve the profitability target by following Seven Go Funding's rules, you'll have access to your funded account.
Assessment and Funded Account Rules 1-Step
One time payment
Equity growth target
Equity growth target step 2
Daily loss limit* Equity based, limit set by prior day balance
Max drawdown - Equity based*
6% locks trailing at initial balance
8% equity-based, non-trailing
Funded account share of gains: You get 75% (Add-On to 90%)
Inactivity period*
30 Days
30 Days
No Stop loss required
Trade FOREX and CFDs
Hold trades over the week (Monday through friday)
Flat for weekend** (Add-On to keep open trades over weekend)
No time limit, take all the time you need to pass the test
Use your ethical Automated Strategies
* Hard Breach resulting in the failure of the assessment or loss of their funded account.
** Soft Breach involves closing all trades that violate certain rules, yet allows the trader to continue trading in their assessment or funded account.
The rules for the funded account are identical to those of your assessment account. However, with a funded account, there is no profit target.

Choose your account size!

Tamaño de la cuenta 1-Step Program
One Time Fee
2-Step Program
One Time Fee

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Why are we the best choice?

We want to ensure your experience with us is the best. Please note that once the transaction is complete, no changes can be made to the account, such as adding add-ons or modifying selected conditions. All payments made on our site are final and non-refundable. We understand this is an important decision for you, so if you have any questions before purchasing, please get in touch with us.

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